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Currently State of Georgia Only

If you currently have a loved one or friend in need of assistance with managing their monthly income or monthly distributions from SSA/SSDI for the sole purpose of Paying Bills.  Let us assist for the minimum approved monthly allotment by the Federal Government.  We will assure that housing and utilities are paid on time and the payor will receive weekly timely disbursement of any overages.  Call us for more information and make your appointment TODAY!  

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Please note because of the COVID-19 Pandemic we try our best to accommodate customers with up to date Forms, Procedures, and Cost of Services however, because we also rely on other business entities this may cause a slight change in the Procedure, Time and the Cost to process your request.  In that event, you will be notified via, Text, Email, Fax or Phone Call to authorize these changes and to proceed with your request.  Also, please keep in mind that we are not Licensed Attorneys or Lawyers we are simply here to assist you with completing the proper paperwork.  

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